CAMERA: Construction and Manufacturing Enabled by a mobile Robotic Arm

Lead Participant: Hal Robotics Ltd


Construction accounts for 9% of UK GDP, employing 3M people. Whilst the size of the construction industry suggests that there should be many opportunities for the use of robotics, uptake has been slow. Projects are often bespoke, with complex supply chains. Demand also fluctuates, leading to a risk-averse approach to investment. Previous work has shown that individual construction tasks can be efficiently and effectively automated. However, to achieve the overall efficiency improvements needed to justify investment it is essential that robotics and autonomous system (RAS) solutions can move between different activities (either on-site or in a temporary construction component assembly factory) and to be easily reconfigured by non-expert staff. Mobility and positioning is a key component of this but existing mobile solutions are not suitable for use in harsh, dynamic environments that typify construction. The project will therefore build on recent innovation in the development of construction RAS. It will develop, demonstrate and assess a proof of concept version of a robust mobile 'platform' and supporting visioning and positioning capabilities that can support, place and control a robotic arm in a 'flying factory' or small product manufacturing factory.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Hal Robotics Ltd, London
Skanska Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom £81,590 £ 40,795
Abb Limited, WARRINGTON £54,558 £ 27,279
Innovative Technology and Science Limited, CAMBRIDGE £199,248 £ 139,474




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