Development of a novel multifunctional bioglass-based coating for the next generation of prostheses

Lead Participant: Johnson Matthey Plc


With an ever ageing population, there are an increasing number of patients requiring medical devices, such as artificial joints and dental implants to enable everyday activity. An improvement of current implants will offer tremendous benefits. In particular, there is an urgent need for technologies to improve the fixation of implants/devices in bone without infection occurring. These will contain doped nano-sized bioactive glass to enable strong integration with bone and anti-microbial properties. The proposed project has 4 key deliverables: 1- Synthesis of novel nano- materials by state of the art manufacturing processes; 2- Development of optimum formulations with these novel materials; 3 Selection of optimum coating technique for application onto implant substrates and 4- Biological testing of coated implant prototypes.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £356,994 £ 178,497


Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom £204,728 £ 204,728
Promethean Particles Limited, Nottingham £176,826 £ 123,778


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