HyTIME - Hydrogen Truck Implementation for Maximum Emission reductions

Lead Participant: ULEMCO Ltd


This 24-month project will trial a range of vehicles and associated duty cycles with hydrogen dual-fuel technology (H2ICED®), in order to provide evidence of the carbon reduction and air quality improvement of this world leading unique approach. The project is led by ULEMCo, the technology provider in partnership with vehicle operators The London Fire Brigade (LFB), Wiles Greenworld (WG), Aberdeen City Council (ACC), Westminster City Council (WCC), Veolia, Ocado & the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) that will provide the vehicles, the fleet operations experience and their fleet management systems to support data gathering. The project provides value for money by incorporating a range of vehicles, duties and operators who will all get hands on experience of the benefits of the dual fuel technology including LFB(2 vans), WG(2 vans), ACC(2 RCV & 1 road sweeper), Ocado(1 chassis cab) and YAS(1 patient transport ambulance), that will largely make use of the existing hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS), with a temporary facility being installed for WCC. It aims to show between 40-70% reduction in tailpipe C02e is possible by displacing diesel, alongside improving real world air quality relative to the MY16 standards, & WtW of 5%-60% depending on the source of H2.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

ULEMCO Ltd, Liverpool £1,003,836 £ 702,687


London Fire and Emergency Planning, London, United Kingdom £59,120 £ 59,120
Ocado Operating Limited, Hatfield £12,307 £ 6,153
Innovate UK, London £111,372 £ 47,067
Westminster City Council £370,279 £ 370,279
Aberdeen City Council, Broad Street,Aberdeen £76,504 £ 76,504
Commercial Limited, CHELTENHAM £40,505 £ 20,252
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust £15,237 £ 15,237
Wiles Greenworld Limited, Cheltenham £24,976 £ 12,488


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