Connected Fully Integrated Driver Ecosystem (Con-FIDE)

Lead Participant: Ashwoods Lightfoot Limited


The Con-FIDE project will develop Lightfoot Connected Car technology, which will be the only technology in the world that truly connects the car to the driver, and connects the driver to an entire driving ecosystem that gives a vast array of social, economic and health benefits, making motoring cheaper and safer for all. The product will build a fun, competitive community of drivers who will benefit from economic, social and health advantages including reduced fuel usage, lower insurance premiums, better privacy and an all-round safer, more enjoyable driving experience. This will be achieved by further developing our successful Lightfoot real-time driver coaching technology, that has been proven in the commercial fleet sector, into a full "connected vehicle" solution in conjunction with a leading UK insurer and other key players in the driving eco-system.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ashwoods Lightfoot Limited, Exeter £1,355,773 £ 677,887


Securious Limited, Exeter £106,296 £ 53,148
Institute of Advanced Motorists Limited(The)
University of Bath, Bath £205,928 £ 205,928
Revolve Technologies Limited, BRENTWOOD £111,692 £ 55,846


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