Intellin: A smart platform to reduce the reoccurrence of diabetic foot ulcers

Lead Participant: Gendius Limited


Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) are a major worldwide issue, occurring in 15% of diabetes sufferers and 56% of these patients die within 5 years of the first occurrence. The recurrence rate is approximately 50% per annum with current methods and treatment requiring a multidisciplinary assessment (including diabetes specialists, surgeons and podiatrists). There are currently no universal methods across the UK to stratify patients according to their risk of reoccurrence of a DFU. The consortium consisting of Gendius (Project leader, start-up specialising in MHealth Solutions), Salford Royal Hospital (development and management of clinical trial) and FIECON (development of health economics) have come together to exploit this significant market opportunity through the development of Intellin – an AI solution using ‘fuzzy logic’ to stratify diabetes patients based on DFU risk factors (leading to more specific and effective interventions) and offer personalised advice and reminders based on inputted data, leading to potential annual savings of £100M for the UK health industry, based on a reduction to the annual reoccurrence of DFUs from 50% to 40%.If successful, market entry for the DFU specific application will be in 2019.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Gendius Limited, Macclesfield £281,398 £ 196,979


Fiecon Limited, Macclesfield £148,872 £ 104,210
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester £72,671 £ 72,671


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