Cost Effective Electric Bus (CELEB)

Lead Participant: Equipmake Limited


Cities globally are under pressure to improve local air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. This has created a market pull for zero emission buses.However market adoption has been slow as current solutions are too expensive and heavy, mainly due to the cost and size of the battery pack required. The heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) of an electric bus can use as much energy as for traction. By novel integration of the HVAC the energy required and therefore battery capacity can be reduced by 30%. This project will deliver a truly cost effective electric bus via novel integration of the HVAC, and will incorporate a new novel vehicle wiring solution from Potenza Technologies which will simplify the wiring loom significantly. The project is a collaboration which also includes leading traction battery manufacturer Nissan, one of the largest bus manufacturers in Brazil, Agrale, leading power electronics supplier Semikron, UK gear manufacturing company DePe, and bus testing experts CSA Testing.The projects collaborative and specialist sub-contract partners will enable the consortium to get to market with a relaible product in the shortest possible time.


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