A connected digital process for reproducible 3D printing mass manufacture

Lead Participant: Project Andiamo Ltd


An estimated 2 million people use NHS orthotic services in the UK, with a total spend over
£207 million/year. Orthoses are a high-value medical device, however, manufacturing
processes have not changed in the last 50 years and as a result, current waiting times for
orthotics services are now up to 12 months.
Andiamo is the world leader in 3D printed orthotic services. We have the only clinically
approved 3D printed ankle-foot orthoses being worn today anywhere in the world. We can
deliver an orthosis within 1-week of consultation and are revolutionising orthotics services,
however we are limited by current AM machines and a lack of integration and specialisation for
medical device production.
To solve this problem we have partnered with Medway Community Healthcare, an award
winning healthcare provider with numerous NHS service contracts, and The Plastic Economy
(TPE), an innovative early-stage company with novel platform technology and manufacturing
Based on the requirements set out by the BHTA, universal adoption of a service such as we
propose, could save the NHS (by 2020) £1 billion every year and lead to an additional 300,000
patients under orthotic care. These patients will realise the benefits of orthotic care, such as
improved mobility and quality of life. Post-project, TPE will adapt the platform technology for
other medical devices and high-value industries.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Project Andiamo Ltd, London £340,510 £ 238,357


The Plastic Economy Ltd, LONDON £471,441 £ 330,009


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