Modular Tide Generators Limited


MTG Platform Concept 2 is a follow on from the successful early stage energy catalyst project MTG Tidal Raft

Platform Concept (48514-345289) and is a 30 month consortium project to establish a pilot scale platform for

the rapid deployment and operation of turbines generating energy from tidal and run of river flow. The project

focusses on three areas of innovative technical development towards the commercialisation of the platform:

(1) Validation of numerical models developed at early stage through tank testing and refinement of model; (2)

Developing full scale prototype for field demonstration; (3) Appraise of the platform to rapidly install and

remove turbines and power modules; (4) Testing the innovations component functionality and integration

during field demonstration, in particular the ‘Modular’ and ‘Hot-Swap’ systems; (5) De-risking of operations at

scale; including full life cycle costs (deployment strategies, development & production costs, reliability


Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Modular Tide Generators Limited, WOKING £609,537 £ 426,676


Plymouth University, Plymouth £256,132 £ 256,132
A & P Falmouth Limited, HEBBURN £3,632 £ 1,817
University of Exeter, United Kingdom £179,043 £ 179,043


10 25 50