2nd hEVen


Future Transport Systems, Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick University and Videre Global are collaborating on the

development of an energy storage system that takes advantage of 2nd life electric vehicle batteries. The 2nd

hEVen project will research and develop variations on Future Transport Systems' existing E-STOR energy

storage system identifying how it can use a range of 2nd life batteries of different types and states of

degradation. The collaboration will also research the economics and business cases associated with the use of

2nd life batteries. A key area of research in the project is the use of 2nd life battery storage systems in

developing countries and Videre Global, a specialist in smart grid systems in the developing world will assist in

determining and testing market requirements. Warwick University will undertake research into the use of 2nd

life battery module based systems. Ultimately the project will help accelerate development of the E-STOR

technology for high volume deployment.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Future Transport Systems Ltd, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE £702,274 £ 491,592


Videre Global Ltd, Gateshead £49,760 £ 34,832
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £256,784 £ 256,784
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £268,745 £ 134,373


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