Automated data manipulation for streamlined biomechanically optimised manufacture of orthoses

Lead Participant: Project Andiamo Ltd


Orthotics is a speciality involving the application of external devices to the body to support and improve posture, function and mobility, and manage pain and deformity. They include insoles, braces, splints, callipers, footwear, spinal jackets and helmets. In the UK, there are an estimated 2 million people requiring orthotic services and NHS spend is now over £207 million/year. Orthosis manufacturing processes have not changed in over 50 years and current waiting times for orthotics services are now up to 12 months. Manufacture of customised orthoses, such as ankle-foot orthoses, involves creating a plaster mould of the limb followed by manual and vacuum forming. Andiamo ( is addressing the current limitations of orthotics services with a high-tech data driven approach and by taking design and manufacture outside of the acute setting. Our approach has attracted substantial media coverage and a number of awards. A short video about our work has been shared over 28,000 times and received over 2 million views to date ( Andiamo and Medway will work together to develop a joint offering to the NHS. Our overall aim is to develop a streamlined manufacturing process that optimises the design and delivery of superior customised orthoses in a fraction of the time of current manufacturing practices.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Project Andiamo Ltd, London £620,481 £ 342,921


Barts Health NHS Trust, London £47,174 £ 47,174


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