MLE Truck - Mega Low Emission Truck

Lead Participant: ULEMCO Ltd


This 18 month project is targeted to address the challenge of dramatically reducing carbon and air quality emissions in heavy goods vehicles (HGV). The market opportunity is to address this critical national energy and environmental requirement to reduce emissions, at the same time as delivering practical, cost effective solutions for truck and fleet operators, where overall the competitive costs of vehicle ownership is acutely important for their business operation success. Technological solutions being proposed to date, such as hybridisation, either add significant cost to the vehicle or require extensive change to the duty cycle and patterns of use. The aim of this project is to build on ULEMCo’s existing capability with hydrogen diesel dual fuel, which currently provides around 25% displacement of diesel with hydrogen on a EURO V1 truck and reduces tailpipe carbon emissions by that equivalent, to one which would meet ultra-low emission standards (<75g/km CO2 and significantly better on air quality emissions), particularly in urban areas. The outcome of this highly innovative approach would be to enable ULEMCo to compete across a wider range of HGV platforms, and ensure that their UK developed technology stays ahead of regulatory standards, providing a world beating commercial proposition which is not only relevant for the UK market but also globally significant.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

ULEMCO Ltd, Liverpool £224,798 £ 157,359


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