Lead Participant: Five Ai Limited


StreetWise aims to develop and demonstrate the technology, safety validation methods, insurance and service models for delivering an autonomous personal mobility solution targeted at replacing the urban commuter car. The project will show that the technology is now sufficiently mature to be safe in urban environments, sufficiently intelligent to co-exist with human drivers, road users and pedestrians and will demonstrate how we can use this technology to build compelling service offers to recover commuting time, reduce commuting costs, cut accident rates, reduce congestion and cut emissions. The StreetWise project will be delivered by a consortium led by FiveAI - a company specialising in perception and artificial intelligence in-vehicle technologies - working in collaboration with component technology providers (McLaren Applied Technologies, University of Oxford), transport sector related innovators (Arriva, TRL Limited & Transport for London) and the UK’s largest automotive personal insurance provider (Direct Line Group).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Five Ai Limited, Bristol
University of Oxford, United Kingdom £1,090,458 £ 1,090,458
Mclaren Applied Technologies Limited, WOKING £287,706 £ 143,853
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £399,907 £ 399,907
Claytex Services Limited, Leamington Spa £210,342 £ 147,008
Transport Trading Limited, London £92,873 £ 92,873
TRL Limited, Wokingham £812,268 £ 812,268
Dl Insurance Services Limited, BROMLEY £283,696 £ 141,848




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