Metamorphosis: a bioprocessing platform for functional insect meals

Lead Participant: Entomics Biosystems Limited


There is increasing concern around the sustainability of the salmon aquaculture feed supply chain, with a growing industry trend of moving away from fishmeal, which is four times as expensive as plant-based proteins like soy. Insect meal has been demonstrated to be a promising nutritional alternative to fishmeal, yet there are concerns that it lacks some of the added functional benefits naturally found in fishmeal. Entomics’ solution is to introduce functional insect-derived protein feeds to the UK aquaculture market, using a novel insect post-processing technology. Overall, project outcomes will expedite and de-risk platform and product development pipelines, bringing them closer to commercial readiness whilst consolidating Entomics’ position as a biotechnology leader in the growing insect industry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Entomics Biosystems Limited £598,235 £ 418,765


University of Stirling, United Kingdom £120,013 £ 120,013
University of Reading, United Kingdom £149,379 £ 149,379


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