Real-Time Train Occupancy Service

Lead Participant: Citi Logik Limited


The project aims to build the UK's first Real-Time Train Capacity Platform which will be made available to passengers and industry staff to help them better plan their journeys and management processes. It aims to equip passengers with better information regarding the onboard conditions of incoming trains and intends to equip TOCs and station staff with real-time capacity information. "When a passenger is more informed of the capacity conditions of a train in advance of boarding it, they are then able to better plan their journey. They have the choice to wait for a quieter train, with available seats or travel outside of peak hours. We believe we will witness changes in passenger behaviour, demand shifts between peak and inter peak" - Transport Systems Catapult "Using our expertise in analysing anonymised mobile network data (MND), Citi Logik will count passengers phone signals on trains and alert passengers, through our platform, on how busy the rail route network is in real-time. We believe that this information will also help station staff in managing unforseen busy periods" - Citi Logik Ltd

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Citi Logik Limited, LEIGHTON BUZZARD £429,507 £ 300,655


Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom £98,328 £ 98,328
Buzz Radar Limited, Bellfield Road West High Wycombe £75,152 £ 52,606


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