Raman Analysis of Gas for the nuclear sector using Micro stuctured fibres (RagnusMOF)

Lead Participant: Is-Instruments Limited


The detection, monitoring and control of gaseous species within the energy sector and specifically the nuclear industry is critical for safety, environmental control and efficiency savings. Hazardous materials and systems require gases to be sampled, identified and quantified regularly to allow plant process to continue safely and efficiently. Often the measurements must be made in real time and taken in challenging environments with limits of detection in the sub ppm levels. This project seeks to develop a new disruptive instrument, based on Raman analysis but with significantly improved sensitivity. This will allow the instrument to benefit from the inherent flexibility offered by Raman measurement, while dramatically improving the sensitivity such that its competitive with existing techniques such as IR absorption or Gas Chromatographs (GC).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Is-Instruments Limited, Tonbridge, United Kingdom £210,742 £ 147,519


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £166,248 £ 166,248
Jacobs Clean Energy Limited £184,128 £ 92,064


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