Gravity Platform

Lead Participant: Teledyne E2v (UK) Limited1


The opportunity that this project addresses is the use of quantum based gravity sensors to detect buried assets or structures. However, for many applications, quantum sensors are still very new or unknown and still possess technical barriers towards adoption, and hence potential end-users find it difficult to judge their true potential. Modelling has shown their potential over conventional devices for the majority of survey based applications, but a key barrier is their operation on moving platforms. Overcoming this obstacle will drastically reduce survey time and cost, in future allowing survey via unmanned air and land vehicles, or alternative applications such as long term resilient navigation without GPS through the use of gravity maps.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Teledyne E2v (UK) Limited1, Essex £617,430 £ 308,715


University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £574,123


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