Multi-source power management to enable autonomous micro energy harvesting systems.

Lead Participant: TRAMETO LIMITED


Trameto plans to develop a proof-of-concept of innovative power management circuits for autonomous micro energy-harvesting systems (AMES). Such a system will scavenge µW to mW of ambient energy from multiple and distinct sources such as indoor light, thermal gradients and vibration to eliminate batteries from wireless sensor nodes in the IoT. Each energy source has widely different electrical characteristics. This will require innovative multi-source power management to enable effective AMES operation across varying operating conditions. In order to achieve best in class performance, Trameto will collaborate with the University of Exeter who will develop novel control systems to optimise AMES performance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

TRAMETO LIMITED £444,370 £ 311,060


UNIVERSITY OF EXETER £149,985 £ 149,985


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