Autonomous Robotic Intervention System For Extreme Maritime Environments (ARISE)


"The Autonomous Robotic Intervention System For Extreme Maritime Environments will apply artificial intelligence to result in safer and more efficient operation, maintenance and inspection of offshore assets. In the UK and globally, offshore assets require an increasing amount of interventions. Many oil and gas platforms come to the end of their life and must be carefully monitored, whilst offshore wind installations must be efficiently operated and maintained. The offshore environment is harsh and hazardous with high levels of Health and Safety incidents reported every year, despite stringent safety procedures.

This joint feasibility project between ASV and the University of Exeter brings together leading industrial and R&D expertise to develop an innovative intervention system that jointly employs work class ROV's and Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASV) for inspection and intervention in hazardous offshore environments in order to make a step change to unmanned marine operations. The project will explore, address and test specific industrial use applications in the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas sectors, aiming to make operations safer and more efficient."

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UNIVERSITY OF EXETER £104,868 £ 104,868


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