DPSS Laser stabilised at 813nm for Sr Clock Application (LQT813)

Lead Participant: Uniklasers Ltd.


Quantum technologies are considered to have a similarly wide and ubiquitous social impact that electronics have enjoyed after the invention of the transistor, but to achieve this it will be necessary to make a vital transition from research labs and large scale installations into industrial and consumer markets. In particular, the development of compact and rugged single-frequency light sources is required by QT to manipulate the quantum states of atoms and ions. In this project, using our innovative propriotery technology platform, we will develop a compact single-frequency solid-state laser for controlling quantum states of Strontium atoms via light-matter interaction at their near-Infrared transition at 813nm. We will reduce the size and cost of this critical component enormously, without losing performance, in order to place the UK at the vanguard of QT development and commercialisation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Uniklasers Ltd., Edinburgh £252,572 £ 176,800


Fraunhofer UK Research Limited, Glasgow, United Kingdom £95,859 £ 95,859
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £168,750


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