Polarisation Entangled Photon Emitter

Lead Participant: Chromacity Limited


"The UK government has invested nearly £300M in the last three years to stimulate the translation of quantum mechanics, one of the most successful scientific theories of all times, to new quantum technologies for the benefit of its citizens. Quantum-enhanced optics also enables new levels of sensitivity in the measurement of minute changes in the structure of the space, such as those induced by gravitational waves.

At the core of all these optically-enabled quantum-based technologies are entangled photons: particles of light sharing a unique state even when spatially separated, which does not have a counterpart in the classical world. Here we propose to develop a source of entangled photons using fibre laser based technology.

Fibre-based lasers are now the reference tools for low-noise ultrashort pulse metrology and are rapidly becoming the workhorse of companies and research centres working with ultrashort laser pulses."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Chromacity Limited, Edinburgh £151,789 £ 106,253


Covesion Limited, ROMSEY £69,519 £ 48,663
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom £142,475


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