iXon Quantum

Lead Participant: Teledyne E2v (UK) Limited


"**Low noise and high sensitivity imaging technologies are crucial to the success of quantum technologies. In many cases, the performance of these imaging technologies directly relates to the sensitivity that can be achieved by quantum sensors, the performance of quantum imaging technologies and/or the speed of quantum computer systems.**

**Teledyne e2v were the pioneering inventors of the EMCCD technology in the 1990s, which was introduced to the science market by Andor in 2001-02\. The iXon camera developed through this relationship remains the very best on the market when very low noise or single-photon sensitivity is needed.** **This project will allow Andor and Teledyne e2v to build on this established relationship to develop new, quantum-specific EMCCD cameras. These cameras will significantly improve the infrared response, noise and speed, thereby allowing for improved sensitivity, performance, measurement and characterisation of quantum devices beyond what was available before. This R&D will allow Andor to maintain a leading position in the sale of scientific cameras into the quantum science market and it will help Andor and Teledyne e2v investigate future industrial and academic imaging requirements for the emerging quantum technologies industry.**"

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Teledyne E2v (UK) Limited, Essex £242,608 £ 121,304


Andor Technology Limited, Belfast £119,474 £ 59,737


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