BATMAN - BAttery Thermal MANagement and Diagnostics for Heavy Duty Applications


Perkins Engines Company, AVID Technology and Imperial have joined together to develop a new battery storage system. This will significantly improve battery life through advanced controls and monitoring and thermal management. The consortium will implement this technology breakthrough in a Caterpillar wheel loader. Utilising sophisticated simulation techniques the team will also demonstrate that integrated powertrain systems utilising battery storage can be commercially viable for Electric and Hybrid vehicles in the commercial on-highway as well as off-highway sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Perkins Engines Company Limited, PETERBOROUGH £897,075 £ 448,538


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £715,318 £ 715,318
Avid Technology Limited, CRAMLINGTON £1,200,833 £ 840,583


10 25 50