SMARTHUBS Demonstrator

Lead Participant: Turbo Power Systems Limited


The demonstrator will target early adopters of V2G mostly in the commercial area comprising six sites and 150 V2G enabled EVs. The demonstrator will seek to answer the following research questions:

1.What are the accessible service revenues for V2G systems in real life applications?

2.How can static and dynamic storage be integrated in a single site to optimise service revenues?

3.What is the optimum power rating and cost for a V2G bi-directional inverter when considering lifetime system cost verse lifetime service revenues?

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Turbo Power Systems Limited, Gateshead £478,048 £ 286,829


Emsc (UK) Limited, Sheffield
Flexitricity Limited, EDINBURGH £109,216 £ 54,608
Smart Power Systems Limited, Market Harborough £442,580 £ 265,548
Flexisolar Limited, Huntingdon £257,290 £ 180,103


10 25 50