FLUD : FLood monitoring and forecasting platform for Urban Deployment

Lead Participant: Coventry University


Flood Ultracognitive Dendrite (FLUD) project builds upon state of the art research, and technologies in

computational intelligence and machine learning, to develop an urban flooding monitoring and forecasting

platform. By exploiting years of experience and specialized knowlegde of UK and Malaysian partners, in smart

city infrastructure and advanced data analytics, FLUD would be an innovative approach, able to minimize the

impact of flash floods by effectively monitoring and forecasting urban flooding, providing early warning,

supporting decision making, and enabling authorities to achieve better planning, monitoring, and response

times. This project presents an economically sustainable technical approach for a flooding alert system with

consideration to the accessibility of its service by all citizens regardless of age, race, literacy and social status.

The proposed approach will be tested in the context of a high risk area, and the final product will be a

benchmark framework, which can be utilized in smart city projects in Malaysia, the UK, and other countries

facing extreme urban flooding phenomena.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Coventry University, United Kingdom £91,698 £ 91,698


Interactive Coventry Limited £305,508 £ 213,856


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