E-FLEX - Real-world Energy Flexibility through Electric Vehicle Energy Trading

Lead Participant: Cisco International Limited


The promise of flexible mobile energy storage & supply through V2G is no less than to turn each vehicle into a net carbon reducer. The challenge is to create a market mechanism that allows these benefits to be realised with business cases for EV operators and grid/energy users. E-FLEX will create a scale demonstration of a functioning V2G market. It will combine a number of fleets with variable duty cycles, a mixed hardware ecology, and diverse energy users (grid plus facilities) with a market design that captures as much value as possible as private benefit. E-FLEX will involve a mix of urban (London) fleets (parcel delivery, car sharing, police and heath service vehicles), totalling 200 EVs. The first phase will be oriented at fixed scheduling against known end user demand. The second phase will demonstrate a dynamic (near-real time) market operation. Vehicle use and V2G cycles will be fully monitored for analysis of market operation, including adoption, use, cost of operation, value captured, and battery and vehicle performance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cisco International Limited, CARDIFF £1,344,251 £ 672,125


Nuvve Ltd, London £1,960,328 £ 1,372,230
Transport Trading Limited, London £384,999 £ 384,999
Cenex (Centre of Excellence For Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies), Loughborough £250,339 £ 250,339
Ubeeqo UK Limited, London £328,866 £ 164,433
Greater London Authority Holdings Limited, London £384,651 £ 384,651
Imperal London College, London £419,959 £ 419,959


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