A radical mode SHIFT away from cars to Integrated Mobility-as-a-Service enabled by autonomous pods

Lead Participant: Oxbotica Limited


"_Shift -_ a collaboration between aiPod, Oxbotica, Transport for London, Gordon Murray Design, Innogy, Bosch and Imperial College, and seeks to catalyse a radical mode _shift_ from cars to integrated mobility as a service (MaaS) using autonomous pods.

aiPod proposes a city-friendly urban mobility service based on fleets of small self-driving pods, that are safe, predictive, convenient, comfortable, inexpensive, road efficient, zero emission, 100% renewable energy, public transport integrated and city friendly.

_Shift_ will trial a commercial city-friendly, subscription-based, MaaS offering, based on SAE Level 4 small self-driving pods, in a London Borough, delivering a safe, zero emissions solution, focused on improving transport options and utility, reducing vehicle ownership and congestion, encouraging city-friendly transport outcomes. The project will involve 10 Connected Autonomous Vehicles and 10 Families who will have access to a low cost MaaS subscription - similar to an autonomous car club that is integrated with London public transport.

The trial will explicitly share data with the city and use simulation to model the impact of predictive autonomous pods on city transport, congestion and mode-shift away from car ownership.

The users experience and feedback will then inform the design of the optimal citizen and city centric pod by iconic British vehicle designer - Gordon Murray Design."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD £1,281,631 £ 897,141


Itmoves Design Ltd, London £202,413 £ 142,681
Transport for London, United Kingdom £156,855 £ 156,855
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £387,337 £ 387,337
Gordon Murray Design Limited, Guildford, United Kingdom £8,590 £ 5,154
Innogy Innovation UK Limited, London


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