ReDriveN– Revolutionary drive mechanism for novel can making equipment


As part of its drive to stay at the forefront of innovation as a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer in the can-making industry and to build upon previous successful collaborations together with its recent innovative successes leading to awards for export, Carnaud Metalbox Engineering Ltd (CMB) are seeking to develop, test and demonstrate a revolutionary design of their industry leading bodymaker equipment.Additionally through conducting production simulation, supported by the MTC, they will improve equipment production at their Shipley site to make it more efficient and reliable, in order to meet the changing demands of their global customer base.

ReDriveN enables a collaboration between a leading OEM (CMB Engineering), a global can maker (Crown), a specialist SME, Renown, the University of Newcastle testing and one of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres (MTC).

By working with their partners in this project, CMB will accelerate and de-risk their time to market for new and innovative equipment and allow them to continue to grow and gain market share from their global competitors.

Benefits to the end user / customer will be extensive and embrace technologies to increase manufacturing capability and output while addressing trends in market driven product formats and materials optimisation. Additionally, the end user will benefit from advanced interfacing to machine and process information, offering further routes to machine and plant optimisation.


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