R2LIB (Reclamation, Remanufacture of Li Ion Batteries)

Lead Participant: Iconichem Widnes Limited


"With the increase in electric vehicles and the slow fade out of fossil fuelled combustion engines, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy storage devices in the automotive industry. This in turn means that there is an ever increasing requirement for critical elements such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and graphite. In addition, at the end of life of these energy storage devices, increased value can be obtained from extracting and reusing the components and materials. To answer this critical need, responding to the business opportunity, we must develop the supply chain for battery materials reclamation and reuse. Enabling a circular economy with a more connected supply chain for the automotive battery, and ensuring a traceable supply of good quality materials for anode and cathode materials production, supports the future activity for the UK in this sector.

In order to investigate the reuse aspects of cell materials and remanufacture of lithium ion batteries from the reclaimed and recycled components this project will develop the first UK industrial scale capability to reclaim and reuse battery essential metals. R2LIB will bring together ICoNiChem, the only cobalt salt producer in the UK, to manufacture transition metal precursor salts, to provide materials into the UK materials manufacturing supply chain. PV3 will investigate the use of these salts in a recycled cathode production, partnering with other parts of the equipment and materials supply chain in the UK; MSolv, (laser tools), JLR (end of life and LSA), Circa / York (green solvents), WMG (reclamation and cell remanufacture).

Battery materials are at the forefront of the battery supply chain, and currently the UK manufacturing base is limited. The quality and control of these materials is essential for consistency of electrodes and inherently the good performance of a lithium ion battery. Ensuring a good quality material supply, with a good heritage, will support the move to manufacturing batteries in the UK. This project will look to demonstrate the UK's potential capability in this field, ultimately assisting to advance the UK's competitive position in battery cell technologies and production, and importantly, the transition to a low-carbon economy."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Iconichem Widnes Limited, Widnes £1,173,995 £ 704,388


M-Solv Ltd, Kidlington £860,668 £ 430,334
Tfp Hydrogen Products Limited, Rotherham £328,642 £ 230,049
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £306,164 £ 306,164
R.S. Bruce Limited £95,414 £ 66,790
Circa Sustainable Chemicals Limited, YORK £52,690 £ 36,883
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £355,807 £ 355,807
University of York, United Kingdom £330,823 £ 330,823


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