Lead Participant: Horiba Mira Limited


"The VeriCAV project is developing an integrated test framework to allow Automated Driving Systems (ADSs) to be validated in simulation, exposing them to large numbers of complex driving situations such that developers and regulators can have real confidence in their reliability and safety when deployed on the roads. The project will go beyond scenario-based testing to a paradigm where optimal test cases are generated from the space of all possible situations.

VeriCAV is also aiming to improve the efficiency of testing by minimising human effort necessary to supervise the huge number of tests expected. As part of this approach, a test analyser (also known as test oracle) will automate the evaluation of an ADS's performance during a test run and also aggregate information on the simulation setup in order to automatically create test coverage statistics.

The project will also create realistic smart agents, representing other vehicles and pedestrians that interact with the ADS.

Finally, the project will verify that the test framework performs correctly, by testing a real ADS as the system-under-test in the simulation framework, and additionally by performing physical tests with a vehicle running the same ADS to correlate performance with the simulation."

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Horiba Mira Limited, Nuneaton


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