Multi-Horizon Digital Twin Models for Transportation


"Digital Twins in transport can deliver optimised strategies for movement - reduced congestion, reduced emissions, safer operations and greater network capacity. With air quality estimated to kill 40,000 a year, new approaches and optimised strategies are surely needed.

Extensive market research, combined with customer insights, demonstrates growing demand for Transport Digital Twins. Digital Twins represent the next evolution of the Internet of Things bringing together the physical and digital worlds. The NIC's publication - Data for the Public Good report - sets out a vision for a national Digital Twin: a digital model of the national infrastructure which will be able both real-time, and strategic simulation. This ambition, driven by clear social, economic, resilience and environmental benefits, demonstrates the wider context of the opportunity.

Our project sets out to integrate transport models and 'live' operational data for the first time. This innovation will unlock a range of new optimisation strategies to free up network capacity; improve air quality; mitigate the negative effects of congestion within cities; enhance productivity; reduce costs and risks; and plan for long-term infrastructure.

Our project builds on the cutting-edge work of the consortium including existing Digital Twin, real-time telematics and Optimisation expertise."

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