HEART (Housing Essential key urban workers with Affordable Rooftop Technology)

Lead Participant: Skyroom London Limited


"**Business Need** -- Urban homes are unaffordable to key urban workers, whilst there is significant low-cost urban land in the form of existing buildings' flat rooftops. UK Government is encouraging upward extensions as ""Permitted Development"", there is a lack of upward extension uptake.

**Market opportunity** -- London urban rooftop homes worth £51.2bn in 2018, predicted 3.6% CAGR to £63.3bn by 2024\. Global worth £3.9tr in 2018, 3.2% CAGR to £4.7tr by 2024\.

**Project vision** and innovation -- HEART will lead to affordable and accessible key urban worker housing in urban centres.

**Focus area and Key objectives** -- HEART would enable Industrial Research collaboration to experiment with surveying technologies and new data-driven applications.

**Project -** This risky project is carefully and robustly planned, considering market needs, to overcome innovation and market barriers.

**Team -** This project will enable Skyroom and Urban Intelligence to collaborate bringing together 10 highly-skilled and innovative R&D staff, including and lead by Arthur Kay, Skyroom's founder and CEO. The team has the necessary skills and experience to run and complete the project successfully and on time.

**Sustainable Productivity and export -** Following project completion, HEART will be rapidly commercialised (both UK and globally exported). HEART will create sustainable productivity and export opportunities for the project partners."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Skyroom London Limited, London £335,037 £ 234,526


Urban Intelligence Ltd, London


10 25 50