Energy Superhub Oxford: Unlocking scalable solutions for EV charging, battery storage and heat through transmission connection and machine learning

Lead Participant: Pivot Power LLP


"The Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) project will demonstrate practical solutions to battery storage, EV charging and heat, by applying innovative machine learning approaches and direct connection to a transmission substation to alleviate or bypass distribution network constraints.

Our East Oxford transmission connection point offers 60 MW of capacity from 2019 for a broad range of applications, unlocking the potential for private investment to then flow to a further 44 such sites already secured across the UK by Pivot Power that would deliver a vast 2.2 GW of battery storage, up to 4500 rapid EV chargers and £1.6bn of private investment.

**Energy storage** will be installed adjacent to the National Grid transmission substation comprising 47.4 MW of lithium ion technology, and 2.5 MW of redox flow energy storage supplied by UK-based manufacturer redT. The flow battery will be the first of a new class of technology, demonstrating a 'pulse' function that can double nameplate power rating for up to 30 minutes. All energy storage will operate primarily a merchant energy trading business model, buying and selling power in the wholesale market and balancing mechanism with an innovative algorithmic trading approach developed by Habitat Energy, proving out the investability of what we expect will be a 5-10 GW battery storage business model in the UK.

**Electric vehicle charging** will also be enabled at scale using 10 MW of connection capacity. Innovative new commercial models will be developed in cooperation with the Oxford City Council, offering abundant and lower-cost power - sub 10-20 pence per kWh - to a range of local electric fleets including buses, taxis, dust carts and commercial fleets, in turn enabling them to accelerate the electrification of their fleets by overcoming obstacles to charging and improving the economic case. The project can also deliver power for rapid charging of private vehicles at car parks and motorway services, where as many as 100 ultra-rapid chargers can be powered. Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme certificates will be bought to provide transparency to consumers about the proportion of electricity that suppliers source from renewable generation.

**Heat solutions** will also be developed as part of the project, with machine learning optimising the operation of 320 single loop ground source heat pumps to be installed by Kensa, proving out the ability to shift demand to periods of low prices, minimising consumer bills and overcoming local network constraints."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Pivot Power LLP £12,548,148 £ 5,621,571


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £617,625 £ 617,625
Invinity Energy (UK) Limited, London £1,305,985 £ 457,095
Kensa Contracting Limited, Truro £2,503,971 £ 1,126,787
Oxford City Council, United Kingdom £2,193,401 £ 2,193,401
Habitat Energy Limited, London £2,996,371 £ 1,348,367


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