Optimising equipment use in construction with BIM, IoT and data analytics

Lead Participant: Buildstream Limited


"The project, by targeting the productivity gap caused by construction equipment fleet - which represents major cost elements in most construction projects- is entirely aligned with the ISCF, in particular with the main theme of improving performance through digitally enabled solutions. The proposed solution is scalable and adaptable across the industry (building, rail, transport, highways, and utilities).

The aim of the project is to explore the feasibility of improving productivity on site by 15% or more by increasing plant and equipment utilisation throughout the construction phase. This will be done by monitoring equipment output via on board IoT sensors; identifying patterns in equipment usage data to enable optimal planning; linking equipment output to the 4D BIM model; and visualising the data through and intuitive dashboard that will provide critical analytical information to contractors and the supply chain out on site.

Effective equipment fleet-management provides opportunities for productivity gains for client, contractors, subcontractors, plant hire companies and the public (pollution/noise). Research by the consortium partners with HS2 at London Bridge and Crossrail show: utilisation rates are as low as 30%; 5x equipment duplication; crossover of equipment requirements between work packages, and site congestion resulting in H&S risks. Despite this significant impact on productivity, environment and safety, equipment fleets are still a major blind spot within construction because of the lack of data and adequate digital ecosystems.

Earlier work by the consortium in HS2 confirmed demand by the construction supply chain for systems for equipment fleet-management (i.e. estimation/selection, deployment, coordination, and visualisation) pending key limitations being resolved. The project seeks to establish our position as one of the first and leading tech platforms combining IoT, BIM and data analytics."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Buildstream Limited, Leeds £59,669 £ 41,768


Bim Academy (Enterprises) Limited, Newcastle Upon Tyne £63,175 £ 44,223
Costain Ltd, MAIDENHEAD £62,400 £ 31,200
Northumbria University, United Kingdom £57,559 £ 57,559


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