REmote sensing and Decision support for Apple tree Precision management, Production and globaL tracEability (RED-APPLE)

Lead Participant: Fera Science Limited


Red Apple is looking to develop and implement technological innovation in the China and UK apple production

systems to increase yield and quality as well as reduce supply chain losses. The project is testing two

technologies: 1) spectral cameras that can identify plant stresses due to, for example, water or nutrient

imbalances or pest and disease; 2) traceability systems that can transfer appropriate information to

stakeholders along the supply chain to maintain higher quality levels and reduce losses. The findings from the

first technology are expected to help growers to achieve a better orchard management around pruning,

blossom management and harvest dates, which will eventually increase yields and quality in a sustainable

manner, reducing inefficient inputs of fertiliser and pesticides. The second will ensure not only the reduced

losses but also that quality attributes can be linked to particular producers as well as production techniques,

management of the crop, and harvest dates. Thus the two parts of the project are interlinked

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Fera Science Limited, LONDON £156,205 £ 78,103


OptiSense Limited, Horsham, United Kingdom £56,828 £ 39,780
Precision Decisions Limited, YORK £168,050 £ 117,635
Nigel Kitney Farm Management Service, Ashperton £21,844 £ 15,291
Applied Blockchain Ltd, LONDON £86,759 £ 60,731
Rsk Adas Limited, Helsby £31,043 £ 15,522


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