"The ultimate aim of ServCity is to reduce private car journeys in urban areas by providing a reliable autonomous mobility service.

By doing so, the consortium aims to solve urban challenges around congestion and emissions and, propose a blueprint for future Automated Mobility Services (AMS).

This project demonstrates UK capabilities and technologies to a global audience by bringing together two globally recognised British business champions and builds on UK's academic and Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) expertise to deliver a novel, economically sustainable business model for London - the UK megacity.

The service will be developed with an ultimate aim of offering fully automated vehicles (SAE Level 5) as part of flexible urban mobility. However, this project will explore the concepts through pilot testing SAE Level 4 vehicles aided by simulation and modelling."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited, Sunderland, United Kingdom £5,600,000 £ 2,800,000


Hitachi Europe Limited, Maidenhead, Berkshire £1,542,341 £ 771,736
Trl Limited, Wokingham £1,110,801 £ 1,110,801
Transport Systems Catapult £1,426,623 £ 1,426,623
SBD Automotive Limited, Milton Keynes £377,410 £ 226,446
Addison Lee Limited, London
University of Nottingham £679,416 £ 679,416


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