PARK-IT - Trusted Autonomous Parking



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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) will bring huge benefits to society by improving safety, efficiency and convenience of the road transport network. This transformation is opening huge commercial opportunities but is not without major technical challenges. To turn this opportunity into reality the UK is creating an eco-system, led by Meridian Mobility, to accelerate the development, deployment and commercialisation of CAV technologies and Park-IT will be a core component of this ecosystem. One of the major issues facing road transportation globally is ever increasing urbanisation and the resultant congestion, a major contributor to this congestion is parking efficiency. CAV and the associated technologies and the move towards Mobility as a Service present a major opportunity to solve this parking challenge. Park-IT, a collaboration between HORIBA MIRA and Coventry University’s Insitute for Future Transport and Cities and in partnership with Meridian and the CAV Testbed UK ecosystem will create a bespoke and realistic, controlled set of parking environments on the MIRA Technology Park to test and support the development of current and future connected and automated parking solutions. Park-IT will be a flexible allowing increasing complexity of use cases for parking scenarios. The facility will be supported by a ‘digital twin’ so users can create and run parking scenarios using simulation techniques in the virtual world. The facility will ensure these CAV technologies are safe and secure, ensuring consumer confidence in the resultant products.

Lead Participant

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HORIBA MIRA LIMITED £3,726,508 £ 1,499,919


COVENTRY UNIVERSITY £498,939 £ 498,939


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