A retrainable, smart-camera, vision system for agriculture - SKAi, the SoilEssentials KORE Artificial Intelligence platform

Lead Participant: Soilessentials Limited


"There is an urgent agronomic (reducing the amount of plant protection products applied to crops), environmental (pollution reduction), economic (lowering the cost of food production) and political (continuing public pressure for a reduction in ag-chem use) need to modernise and update agrochemical applications to crops from the traditional practice of applying a uniform rate across the whole crop to a much more targeted approach. SKAi aims to satisfy this need by building a smart camera and artificial intelligence platform for use by farmers, agronomists and agrochemical applicators. This platform will be integrated into the existing KORE ( [www.koresolution.com][0]) precision agricultural platform to extend its functionality to allow the support of in field smart cameras using image transfer and machine learning. Using this system, we hope to dramatically reduce the total amount of crop protection products applied to crops in the UK and worldwide.

[0]: http://www.koresolution.com"

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Soilessentials Limited, Brechin


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