Battery powered backpack for electrical weed control as professional alternative to chemical knapsack

Lead Participant: Ubiqutek Ltd.


"Need for weed control growing as world's population increases. Herbicide market under significant pressure because 1) weeds are increasingly becoming resistant to herbicides, 2) regulators have started to ban their use because of health and environmental concerns, and 3) costs of litigation against herbicide manufacturers are increasing.

Electricity is a scalable and sustainable alternative to herbicides and addresses the fundamental shortcomings of herbicides, thermal, and mechanical methods.

Project will create battery back-pack version of professional hand-weeder to allow gardeners, groundskeepers, and contractors to treat weeds with mobile product without using chemical herbicides at lower cost than competing technology."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ubiqutek Ltd., Birmingham £416,667 £ 187,500


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