Hybrid Battery Optimisation

Lead Participant: Brill Power Limited


"The Hybrid Battery Optimisation (HBO) project will develop a novel type of high-performance hybrid energy storage system (HESS) with higher power and energy storage capability per weight than existing alternatives. Existing energy storage systems for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are typically based on a single type of electrochemical energy storage device (typically lithium ion batteries) which is designed for either high power or high energy but not for both. The HBO project will screen all commercially available high-quality devices, such as lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors, and select a combination of devices to optimise for both energy and power capability. The result will be a smaller and lighter energy storage system, which will be particularly well suited for high-performance HEVs, such as those developed by Aston Martin, one of the project partners.

The HESS will be designed through a new method of optimal system design, which involves a wholistic modelling approach -- from cell to vehicle. This modelling approach will be developed in collaboration between Imperial College London, Delta Motorsport and Aston Martin. By simulating the performance of the different energy storage devices, the most suitable devices can be chosen, which avoids additional hardware tests and accelerates the product development process. Once the optimal combination of energy storage devices is chosen, the HESS is designed and built by Delta Motorsport, a specialist provider of high-performance automotive electrical energy storage systems. To combine the different energy storage devices into a single system, a novel battery management system (BMS) will be developed by Brill Power, a spin-out of Oxford University. Brill Power's BMS can combine any type of lithium-ion battery or supercapacitor while maximising performance and cycle life. Two HESS will be built -- one for lab tests in a controlled environment and one for tests in an Aston Martin vehicle. The tests will confirm the compliance of the HESS with the high performance requirements defined by Aston Martin.

Once the performance of the new HESS is confirmed, the consortium will develop a plan for commercialising the technology. The first target market will be high-performance vehicles, such as those developed by Aston Martin but the technology is expected to find many more applications, including off-highway vehicles, marine and aerospace."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Brill Power Limited, Oxford £582,983 £ 408,088


Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, Warwick, United Kingdom £924,291 £ 462,145
Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £647,143 £ 453,000
Imperal London College, London £555,700 £ 555,700


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