Real-world Evaluation of Noctura 400 sleep mask for DiabEtic Retinopathy (RENDER)

Lead Participant: Polyphotonix Limited


The Noctura 400 Sleep Mask is a novel and innovative treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Oedema, which are the serious and sight threatening complications of Diabetes.

The mask offers a completely new approach to treatment of these conditions as it delivers a low level of light into the eye while the patient sleeps. It is non-invasive and offers a more pleasant experience to patients compared to the current treatments which involve injecting a high cost drug directly into the eyeball or using lasers to cauterise leaky blood vessels in the retina.

This device costs a fraction of the spend on the current standard treatments and its adoption by the NHS will save a large amount of money on the drugs bill, as well as increasing efficiencies, reducing waiting and recall times and will improve clinical outcomes and give patients a better experience.

As well as treating eye disease, Noctura 400 can be used at an earlier stage to prevent retinopathy from developing and this would benefit both patient's quality of life as well as save the NHS money by avoiding progression to the hospital setting and the cost of the expensive clinical treatments and procedures given to patients today.

Noctura 400 has completed clinical trials and has been approved for use as a medical device, however it has not been widely adopted in the NHS as clinicians and managers require more proof of its cost effectiveness in the real world.

The key objective for this project is to follow patients using the Noctura 400 Sleep Mask in the NHS setting, collect both clinical progress and financial impact data and analyse the outcomes in the form required by hospital and CCG managers, presenting a clear and unequivocal case for widespread adoption in the NHS.

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Polyphotonix Limited, SEDGEFIELD £249,847 £ 124,924


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