Play2Secure: An AI enabled personalised cyberspace awareness game for young people

Lead Participant: University of Teesside


We will develop an intelligent game (Play2Secure) to empower the young people with knowledge relating to risks and threats in cyber space. This includes their needs on how to (i) identify secure sites to browse safe and secure form (ii) securely deal social media activities and (iii) prevent grooming, bullying and any abuse through online. The proposed game will give an opportunity to engage young people effectively, particularly to understand their ability in keeping them secure in the cyber space. So far, most of the similar games come with fixed objectives that does not help in engaging young people due to nature of dynamic needs of every game. It is worth mentioning that usually young people lose interest playing same scenario repeatedly. Secondly, there is no personalised training programme that can educate a user based on their need or level of understanding. Therefore, we consider that this is a new and innovate product, perfectly matching with the needs of young people in the market. The proposed game can be considered as a part of the training requirements of the young people in their everyday digital activities in their smart home, inside and outside school.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

University of Teesside, United Kingdom £14,950 £ 14,950


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