ASIT - Advanced Silicon Carbide Inverter Technology


ASIT (Advanced Silicon Carbide Technology) is a £1M industry-led collaboration between Microsemi Semiconductor Ltd (a Microchip Company), eDrive engineering Services Ltd, Cambridge Microelectronics Ltd, the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult and tier 1 end user hofer power train UK Ltd.

Inner-city air quality is a significant and growing challenge for governments across Europe, leading to 9,400 deaths per-year in London alone[1]. Zero-emissions vehicles will help reduce this number

ASIT supports the Department for Transport 'Road to Zero' strategy by addressing the $64Billion global electric vehicle power inverter market. By going against conventional invertor construction and using technology transfer from healthcare (electronics), we are developing a highly advanced integrated 100kW power module.

Using the latest generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET technology combined with advanced laminated packaging techniques from healthcare, we are designing an power inverter that is small enough to be mounted directly onto or into the electric motor offering significant weight and space saving over conventional product.

The impact of this weight/space saving is a notable improvement vehicle range (km/recharge) and will help to reduce the public condition of "range anxiety". Range anxiety is a major to public perception issue and hence and obstacle Electric Vehicle take up.


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