Smart Energy Exchange Network (SEEN)

Lead Participant: Creativenergie


There has been significant investment into solar panels and biogas digesters within Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet the poorest members of off-grid communities remain unable to afford these assets, and are prohibited from accessing such energy sources, whilst those with assets have an energy supply that exceeds the capacity of their current storage options and/or their own consumption needs. Modifying existing techniques and technologies for combined application in a new context, will create opportunities for business model innovation. This will enable surplus energy generated to be packaged into bitesize amounts for distribution via virtual, rather than physical, grids or transferred to other productive uses. As a result, the Smart Energy Exchange Network (SEEN), will facilitate greater entry level access to low carbon, energy supplies for those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid as well as transformative change at a community level through the provision of new energy services (refrigeration, milling, irrigation).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Creativenergie, London £178,773 £ 125,141


Challenges Catalyst Ltd, Edinburgh £158,262 £ 110,783
WaSE Limited, London £45,602 £ 31,921
Connected Energy Technologies Ltd, Edinburgh £204,974 £ 143,482
Centre For Research In Energy Energy Research, Kampala £73,407 £ 73,407
Echo East Africa Ltd, Arusha £45,958 £ 45,958


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