PigBoost:Sustainable data-driven pig production for Uganda


Pigboost will bridge the gap between pig farmers, veterinarians, and extension service-providers by delivering a state-of-the-art decision support system that enables real-time monitoring of animal performance, that will be used to improve animal breeding and disease management for the Ugandan pig industry. Beyond the immediate animal production benefits for individual farmers and for the industry, which will create business opportunities and attract investments, the data captured will be used to inform the establishment of a pig breeding nucleus to breed locally adapted high genetic merit pigs. Long-term, incorporation of machine learning and pathological studies will enable the development of a full diagnostic suite to promote correct use of veterinary pharmaceuticals and improve animal health and wellbeing. The project will promote gender equality and empower women, considering the large presence of pigs in peri-urban households.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Abacusbio International Limited, London £112,032 £ 78,422


Makerere University £75,324 £ 75,324
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom £97,544 £ 97,544
Vetline Services Ltd, Mukono £214,749 £ 150,324


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