SIMPLE - Smart InforMation PLatform and Ecosystem for Manufacturing


The ability of end users to simply, consistently and reliably integrate key information across diverse production systems is currently a major barrier to productivity gains in industry. A fundamental challenge in deploying effective digital capabilities is the integration of systems within and across the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) layers of manufacturing organisations. This integration is currently hindered by either a lack of identifiable frameworks, design methods and engineering tools (technology diversity and fragmentation) or by the cost, complexity and long term strategic lock-in associated with the adoption of proprietary and monolithic commercial solutions. The SIMPLE project applies innovative software technology to address this need, proving the resultant solution in a practical and widely applicable industrial form.

80% of the business value typically resides in 20% of the data that can be collected from the consortium's end users' production systems. The SIMPLE platform will allow better monitoring and optimisation of their manufacturing operations by facilitating the collection of this core data set. The SIMPLE solution will also provide an open and scalable platform to stimulate the deployment of data centric application ecosystems, facilitating the development of wider digital capabilities in UK manufacturing organisations. The SIMPLE platform will benefit manufacturing SMEs in particular, as they lack either the skills to effectively take advantage of the currently fragmented technological landscape, or to invest in large integrated engineering solutions.

The SIMPLE platform will focus on providing robust and scalable data models and reinforce the use of those models throughout the production system lifecycle and across all domains of engineering and production management. The platform will materialise as a combination of software components, web services, a design framework (recommendations, rules and guidelines) as well as a technology deployment road map for software and hardware technologies.

The blend of organisations in the SIMPLE project's consortium guarantees that there will be a very strong incentive to achieve rapid deployment and validation of the solution (in the project end-user production environment), and to engage with and achieve commercialisation of the SIMPLE product across other domains of industry, agritech and construction in particular, in which commercial opportunities have already been identified.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Fully Distributed Systems Ltd, LOUGHBOROUGH £143,245 £ 100,272


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £209,524 £ 209,524
Ai Idea Factory Ltd £20,782 £ 14,547
4th Wall Virtual Llp, Evesham £28,862 £ 20,203
The Science and Technology Facilities Council £85,022 £ 25,507
Uk Battery Industrialisation Centre Ltd £38,974 £ 3,897
Innovare Systems Limited £66,263 £ 19,879
Lear Corporation (UK) Limited, London £428,293 £ 42,829


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