A new paradigm in managing risk and execution contracts through the use of AI

Lead Participant: NPLAN LIMITED


Major infrastructure projects have the potential to transform communities who benefit from them, but the way the construction industry manages risk and executes contracts today has been outgrown by the immensely ambitious, complex, and demanding modern major projects of today.

nPlan and Atkins have a vision for an industry with new business models, where risk is distributed fairly between parties, where projects are delivered in line with expectations, and where waste is reduced. To deliver this, these business models have to be underpinned by data and emerging techniques for learning from this data, like artificial intelligence. Recent advances in these computational methods and the reducing cost of computing power means that the ambition to transform the way we deliver complex projects is here, today.

nPlan's patent-pending technology applies data science and machine learning to thousands of previous construction project timelines, the largest dataset of programmes in the world, offering a unique scalable solution for improved certainty and confidence in project planning for future projects. This approach means the platform can learn about what was planned to happen and what transpired on projects, enabling a future with reduced human bias, subjectivity and inaccuracy.

As a global leader in engineering consulting and programme management, Atkins hold the knowledge and status to make meaningful change in the industry. They are well position to analyse the status quo, identify opportunities for improvement, and the execute on these ideas on their own projects.Together, nPlan and Atkins will leverage our technology, expertise and networks to shape the way modern construction projects are delivered.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

NPLAN LIMITED £368,355 £ 257,848


ATKINS LIMITED £117,530 £ 58,765


10 25 50