MAG-V : Enabling Volume Quantum Magnetometer Applications through Component Optimisation & System Miniaturisation


Quantum magnetometers optically monitor the interaction between alkali-metal-atoms and an external magnetic field and detect the change in electron spin due to the magnetic field being applied. This allows the detection of micro-defects in materials and objects that are not visible or hidden from view.

The MagV project will deliver the World's first commercial miniaturised rf atomic magnetometer that can operate in unshielded environments allowing general use and wide deployment.

Primary applications have been identified in consultation with an extensive Industry Advisory Board, who have defined industry challenges driving the need for miniaturised-RF-quantum-magnetometers as novel sensors within non-destructive testing.

The project brings together substantial research on quantum magnetometers with route to commercialisation through established VCSEL supply chain partners and an end-user to maintain UK leadership in quantum technologies.

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