The Protocol Programme: The Airbus Numerical Simulation and Design (ANSD) Project

Lead Participant: Airbus UK Limited


AANSD (Airbus Numerical Simulation and Design) addresses the need to develop specific simulation and design technologies fundamental to future capability to undertake aerodynamic and multidisciplinary (MD) design. It will research techniques to provide new technologies to the Airbus simulation toolset for exploitation on aircraft design. Airbus’s partners are ARA and Altran-Xype.

Within this project there are 3 work packages, each with a specific topic and set of deliverables:

• Meshing Technologies – focused on the next generation of meshing capabilities
• Aerodynamic Design – focused on aircraft representation for optimisation and multidisciplinary (MD) trades
• Integrated Capability – focused on a more efficient MD simulation and design process

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus UK Limited, BRISTOL £770,989 £ 385,495


Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £2,143,772 £ 1,071,886
Altran UK Limited, BATH £133,096 £ 66,548


10 25 50