The Smart Active Wing of the Future Project

Lead Participant: Airbus Operations Limited


The overall aim of the SAWoF (Smart Active Wing of the Future) campaign is to establish a full understanding and appreciation of the impact of the flow controlled wing on the evolution of overall aircraft design. The key issues which are addressed by SAWoF are:

• What flow control technologies offer the most potential and how should they be deployed and operated on the wings of the future.
• What is the impact of the flow controlled wing on overall aircraft design in terms of evolution in configuration and the resulting gains in performance
• What are the engineering and manufacturing issues that challenge the practical implementation of the technology?

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Airbus Operations Limited, BRISTOL £5,686,030 £ 2,843,015


Airbus Group Limited, LONDON £4,252,396 £ 2,126,198
Stirling Dynamics Limited, BRISTOL £455,000 £ 273,000
Aircraft Research Association Limited, BEDS £308,000 £ 154,000
QinetiQ Limited, Farnborough £640,000 £ 320,000


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