Next Generation Vertical Lift Programme; Project 3 Flight Trials

Lead Participant: Agustawestland Limited


The Next Generation Vertical Lift is a collaborative 3-year programme with two main elements; developing technologies aimed at next generation twin light medium helicopter (AW169), and migration towards a UK commercial rotorcraft manufacturing and support capability in Yeovil, focussed in 3 areas:
• Rotor Blades
• Hubs/Transmissions
• Flight Trials
These projects provide the opportunity to bring high value Commercial manufacturing to the UK and the development of Commercial tools, techniques and processes that can be applied across all products on the AW Yeovil site. This investment is needed to ensure the UK stays competitive in the worldwide rotorcraft market.
Due entry into service in 2014, AW169 will be greener by design, incorporate the latest generation avionics and high visibility cockpit, a high cabin space with excellent accessibility, advanced aerodynamics for high performance, low emissions, low noise and low direct operating costs.
Collaborative research with strategic industry partners and academia gives a limited window of opportunity to be involved with and to lead specific elements of AW169 R&D activity in the UK and to pull lower TRL research through to market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Agustawestland Limited, SOMERSET £10,700,000 £ 2,350,000


University of Bristol, United Kingdom £148,858 £ 148,858


10 25 50